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  • Learning Rust

    2022-11-05 by Ryan N Wilson

    It's finally time. Rust has been becoming the language of choice for building tools for JavaScript. I've been in the market for a new language so here we are. The process of getting started was a bit awkward do I'm going to document a few bit here...
  • SvelteKit Portfolio

    2022-03-28 by Ryan N Wilson

    My first portfolio website was 3 simple files. index.html, styles.css, and script.js. I felt like I had a sufficient grasp of those underlying languages and was ready and eager to step into the frameworks that tech twitter is always going on about. Gatsby JS was basically a way to get up and running trying out React for the first time, while also taking advantage of the blazing speed and easy SEO offered...

    2021-09-15 by Ryan N Wilson

    As I practice solving problems on I wanted to keep track of pieces of syntax I find to be useful that let Python shine: Lists are great for stacks. For queues use deques...

    2021-08-15 by Ryan N Wilson

    Problem: This problem was asked by Google. In linear algebra, a Toeplitz matrix is one in which the elements on any given diagonal from top left to bottom right are identical. Here is an example:

    2021-01-12 by Ryan N Wilson

    Problem: Given a mapping of digits to letters (as in a phone number), and a digit string, return all possible letters the number could represent. You can assume each valid number in the mapping is a single digit. For example...

    2020-08-07 by Ryan N Wilson

    I learned my first bit of CSS at a one night free class offered by General Assembly here in Boston. After that a bit more through The Odin Project, and after that just through doing my own projects, tinkering away trying to get things to look the way they should look. I never really stepped back to learn bigger picture strategies for...
  • HOPE IS RISING - Part 2

    2020-08-06 by Ryan N Wilson

    You don't have to obsessively follow the news to know the world is reeling. Covid-19 has killed 160,000 people in the United States and north of 700,000 people worldwide. Hurricane season is beginning and promises more death and destruction. 30 million Americans are on unemployment as thousands of businesses close their doors, many...
  • Hope is rising - Introduction

    2020-07-27 by Ryan N Wilson

    Good day to you, and welcome to my website! A little bit about myself. I've loved making things for as long as I can remember. As little kid I lived for legos. I built bow and arrows with sticks and rubber bands. I tried to design a motorized airplane when I was reading about the Wright brothers as a...