Hope is rising - Introduction

Ryan N Wilson | 2020-07-27


Good day to you, and welcome to my website!

A little bit about myself. I’ve loved making things for as long as I can remember. As little kid I lived for legos. I built bow and arrows with sticks and rubber bands. I tried to design a motorized airplane when I was reading about the Wright brothers as a third grader (and failed miserably because I didn’t understand that motors have limited power, amongst other things I hadn’t figured out about the world). Late elementary school I was going to be a rocket scientest. In middle school poked around in JavaScript and decided to be a computer scientist, a dream quickly replaced by being a performance footwear designer for PUMA. I studied Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design at R.I.T to design all the coolest consumer products (including an internship in footwear devepment at PUMA in Germany). Out of school I moved to Boston to design and build custom titanium bicycles for Seven Cycles.

Six years into that my curiousity got the best of me last September and I’ve been learning all I can about building websites since then. Every day since I’ve learned a new thing, and noticed three other things I really ought to learn one day. The world expands before me as I learn new technologies and tools to create digital products. I get to build things today that I hadn’t even heard of last month.

If you check out the projects section of my site you can see a range of work that I’ve done over this last season. If any of that makes you want to start a project with me, definitely reach out. I can build single page sites like Hope Is Rising to promote an upcoming event or show the world who you are with something a little more professional than a facebook page.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

  • Ryan N Wilson